Just listened to… Hilotrons

Saturday, 24 January, 2009


Recommended in the top 50 albums of 2008 from Cokemachine glow I had to listen to Hilotrons after streaming “Emergency street”. The album “Happymatic” promises light and fun joy and dancing. And their early 80ies pop sound is likeable, but the roof does not take off nor make me sprout in pure delight.

For now, I really think “Emergency street” is catchy, and maybe I’ll catch the rest sooner or later. But I don’t think the feeling will last that long.

Alegranza and The Vodoun Effect

Thursday, 22 January, 2009

el guincho - alegranzaorchestre_poly-rythmo_de_co

I have a deal with Chrz to exchange an album every quarter. In Q4 2008 I received “Alegranza”. A tropical pop album with lots of percussion released 2008 by a guy born at the Canary Island (close to the coast of Northwestern Africa). It took me about the 8 first tracks to comprehend the music, but on the last track I found my self dancing around the table as a native indian dancing around the totem pole.
Chrz did also receive an album in the “World”-genre in Q4. Just before The Wire had a theme on West African Psycedelia (Issue 298; december 2008), I heard about Analog Africa. “The Vodoun effect” by Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou contains “funk and sato” from a period between 1972 and 1975. It’s an acid trip experienced on traditional African instruments. The repetition, the trance-like effect, is great and in many ways it requires attention and indulgence.
Both albums are absolutely worth listening to for every open minded musical interested persons.

mount eerie - lost wisdom

I remember listening to Mount Eerie in 2004, as there was great hype as he visited Copenhagen for some month. I didn’t see him performing LIVE at Play/rec, but I was told it was an inspirational experience. All I heard was a meek recording from the Microphones, which made me disregard this artist and his work.

This lasted until November 2008 as I heard “Voice in headphones”. That song along with “Lost Wisdom” both from the album of “Lost wisdom” are great songs that surprised me. And the rest of the album has convinced me to judge Mount Eerie differently

The music is Lo-Fi but not rattled. The record is made in a few days with Julie Doiron (vocals, Erics Trip) and Fred Squire (guitar). It gives a raw, unpolished album that is on level with the lyrics. The harmonies, duets and accompaniment between Phil Elverum and Julie Doiron are beautiful and give the love story more presence.
The lyrics are intimate, but never to personal and knowingly. Writing about (broken) love can be a cliché, but Phil Elverum knows his poetry and is writing right into my heart. Using simple textual tricks like ‘undo, I do’ and ‘well, come on welcome in’ shows his attention on his voice and vocals. He tells the story without singing it directly: “Every time I get my face dry you sing” understood as he’s moved to tears.

And let me end this recommendation with more of simple, strong lyrics:
“With your hand down the throat you held on to my heart and pumped blood through”.

christina carter - original darkness

There are a couple of releases from 2008 that I didn’t get to hear, when released. One of them was Christina Carter “Original Darkness”.
I’ve read some promising notes somewhere and today I found this praising review at Pitchfork.
I’m disappointed and think this release is ridiculous. Maybe I didn’t get it at all and then please enlighten me in the comments.

Both the music (two not worth mentioning accords on a guitar) and lyrics (no magic) are mourning but trivial. To quote “Suffering” where she is singing “so much pain for those who suffer”… “there is much suffering going through the world”.
“White Chalk” by PJ Harvey showed an enormous energy and pointing both backwards and forwards regarding sensitive and exposed song writing. Christina Carter shows nothing but helpless song writing. This was a waste of time.

I think I’ve been to a concert with Charalambides in Copenhagen some time ago. I’m not fond of them either, and therefore somebody may not find this review useful. Others will.

Mashup: Last.fm on Youtube.

Sunday, 4 January, 2009

Based on your (or your friends) Last.fm profile, you can see random music videos from YouTube with the mash-up Playmymusicvideos.com. Morten Just is the developer and it seems like he’s doing some fun stuff regarding mash ups in his leisure time.
I also found this one – http://www.genstart.dk/netradio/lastfm/ – where you on your screen see a (big) picture from the band you have recently played (scrobbled) and where their next concert take place. Funny, but not really useful.

I read about this at http://www.musikbibliotek.dk/26022

Paris is burning.

Friday, 2 January, 2009

ladyhawk paris is burning cut copy remixsam sparro black and gold

Although I’ve already presented a top five songs from 2008, I would like to share an alternative hit parade.

Ladyhawk – Paris is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)
Sam Sparro – Black and Gold
Santogold – Say Aha
Estelle – American Boy
The Ting Tings – That’s not my name

Both Ladyhawk and Sam Sparro are excelling in melancholic, danceable tunes. After reading (forgot where) that Cut Copy had done some great remixes in 2008, I found a dozen on the Internet. The “Paris is burning”-remix is released on a single by Ladyhawk. The other remixes on the single are worth mentioning. I should have listened to Sam Sparros record – but I haven’t made it yet. I’m though pretty sure this is a one hit wonder.
The name “Santogold” sounds to me like Latin America, M.I.A. and stuff like that. But the “Say Aha” is a positive vibe and is not that ruff and dub’ish. Actually, my Last.fm tells me it’s the second most listened track in December, just beaten by the indie one hit wonder by IAMX “Think of England”.
Estelle made a smooth, cool pop hit featuring Kanye West. This is definitely an alternative list on my blog and I don’t think I will ever mention these two artists again. We’ll see.