Paris is burning.

Friday, 2 January, 2009

ladyhawk paris is burning cut copy remixsam sparro black and gold

Although I’ve already presented a top five songs from 2008, I would like to share an alternative hit parade.

Ladyhawk – Paris is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)
Sam Sparro – Black and Gold
Santogold – Say Aha
Estelle – American Boy
The Ting Tings – That’s not my name

Both Ladyhawk and Sam Sparro are excelling in melancholic, danceable tunes. After reading (forgot where) that Cut Copy had done some great remixes in 2008, I found a dozen on the Internet. The “Paris is burning”-remix is released on a single by Ladyhawk. The other remixes on the single are worth mentioning. I should have listened to Sam Sparros record – but I haven’t made it yet. I’m though pretty sure this is a one hit wonder.
The name “Santogold” sounds to me like Latin America, M.I.A. and stuff like that. But the “Say Aha” is a positive vibe and is not that ruff and dub’ish. Actually, my tells me it’s the second most listened track in December, just beaten by the indie one hit wonder by IAMX “Think of England”.
Estelle made a smooth, cool pop hit featuring Kanye West. This is definitely an alternative list on my blog and I don’t think I will ever mention these two artists again. We’ll see.

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