Review: Christina Carter – Original Darkness

Tuesday, 6 January, 2009

christina carter - original darkness

There are a couple of releases from 2008 that I didn’t get to hear, when released. One of them was Christina Carter “Original Darkness”.
I’ve read some promising notes somewhere and today I found this praising review at Pitchfork.
I’m disappointed and think this release is ridiculous. Maybe I didn’t get it at all and then please enlighten me in the comments.

Both the music (two not worth mentioning accords on a guitar) and lyrics (no magic) are mourning but trivial. To quote “Suffering” where she is singing “so much pain for those who suffer”… “there is much suffering going through the world”.
“White Chalk” by PJ Harvey showed an enormous energy and pointing both backwards and forwards regarding sensitive and exposed song writing. Christina Carter shows nothing but helpless song writing. This was a waste of time.

I think I’ve been to a concert with Charalambides in Copenhagen some time ago. I’m not fond of them either, and therefore somebody may not find this review useful. Others will.


One Response to “Review: Christina Carter – Original Darkness”

  1. Christian Says:

    Listen to Masque Femine instead – you might not like that one either, but to me it’s one of the most frail record I ever heard – I am sure it will vaporise if you listen to it too much.

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