the depreciation guilt

The Depreciation Guild is a light and funny tune that I listened to today. Reminding me a lot of the electronica/ shoegazer band M83. Same floating ambience, gazing guitars and soft vocals. But with the twist of 8-bit Nitendo.
Nothing extraordinary. But go listen to their EP anyways at 8-Bit People or their debut album In Her Gentle Jaws at (for free)

I heard them first at Indiemusic newssite Chromewaves.

Just listened to… ZZZ

Monday, 9 February, 2009

ZZZ - Banggang 12inches

I have a fashination of simple piano hooks and catchy guitar riffs. At their MySpace page ZZZ describes their music as Shoegaze, but I’ll say this is cheesy eurodance. And in some way this commodore computer electronica reminds my of Kavinsky (Myspace page), who made a blast of an EP in 2007 (sadly vinyl only), although they probably seek their inspiration in different decades.