Review: Dim Dim – Whip

Thursday, 30 April, 2009

dim-dim-whip Last year I bought Books on tape “dinosaur dinosaur” out of curiosity and without exploring the album or artist any further. It’s an okay album with some fun and light stuff – but not more than that. At least not for me.
Maybe history is repeating itself this year. I just got Dim Dim “Whip” without knowing what I was in to and should expect. I think it’s important to be updated on new music, but also to dive into unfamiliar music.

I must have heard “Sheena” somewhere on a mp3-blog? It’s a good track that doesn’t hesitate at any moment, but just steadily keeps exploring its own peculiarity.
The tunes are very playful and toy-ish, both twisted and cute. One of “Whip”s qualities is that it never gets repetitive. But it might also be one of its flaws. Sometimes it seems like Dim Dim is scared the listener might get bored? But accept the fact and enjoy the 18 short tracks. They are positive, alternative lounge tracks that cartoon figures might like to dance to.
Whip is the 6th record from Jerry Dimmer. I think it’s tight and the samples are never overdone.

At the end of the record it’s just a guitar and a childrens choir playing. At some point surprising, but it’s also a very smooth transition. And a final note to self: Artwork is fancy and fits the mood of the album.

A couple of bands have got great attention on MySpace and afterwards got signed by major labels. The interaction between band and user getting to know the known and unknown audience / band is a powerful platform.

MySpace is by far the dominating player on this market. But there are other interesting sites definitely worth checking out. thesixtyone_logo has a lot of features that should encourage users to listen to new songs, share and commenting on them through letting people get achievements. Both bands and users raise in levels according to their activity and likeness.
There is almost no editorial stuff. The creation of top lists is through the users “hearting” songs. But it’s really nice to explore new mostly unknown bands / songs. Going through the toplists contain a lot of quality; these are professional upcoming (pop and indie) bands. I kind off miss the surprisingly interesting or different band. But that says more about me than the great site.

  • Small note: I’m not completely sure how the upload from artists works. Alphabeat has two profil pages. I guess that wouldn’t be the case, if it actually was Alphabeat who was behind? Such flaws were also the case with MySpace a couple of years ago.
  • Fairtilizerfairtilizer_logo

    “Fairtilizer is a Do It Yourself Music Club providing tools and services for artists, labels, and media to share, promote, and distribute today’s best new music.”

    Fairtilizer – as Myspace – needs the artists. But from my user perspective Fairtilizer manage to bring up new music to my attention. The editorial content is spare but helpful including featured tracks as well as “Club members”. And for the new users the hitlists provide new, exclusive! tracks. There are four sections. Hip/ Rap, Indie, Techno and Cover. Off cause I gotta love the cover section (wuhu!), but with the narrow offer of music genres, it’s more a niche site. To me it has a great appeal, but in all it has less users than

  • Small note: Alphabeat is the top 1 band in indie with an acustic Daft Punk Cover (Digital Love).
  • New album from the intelligent caveman

    Wednesday, 15 April, 2009

    Sunn o - Monoliths & DimensionsMan, I’m looking forward to the Monoliths & Dimensions album from Sunn o)) later in May (26th).

    The Wire has made a couple of transcriptions from interviews with band members and collaborators. Quoting Oren Ambarchi:

    Sonically, I think this record is a huge step up from the previous releases and the palette of sounds is much more varied and ambitious than any of the previous releases.

    More interviews and articles:
    Available at Southern Records / Shop from the 4th of May.