Never let me down: Depeche Mode at Parken, Copenhagen

Saturday, 4 July, 2009

depeche-mode-parken I never thought I would share a Depeche Mode concert experience with 44.000 people. To me DM is something intimate, which doesn’t go along with thousands of people, who like DM for different reasons.
There were several highlights from the concert. “Question of time” was played with a driven, rusty and “motorhead”-like guitar. Also the visuals were very esthetic. When they played “Enjoy the silence” every single person had their hands in the air. From my spot at the grandstand it was impressing. Hearing “Home” live with Mikkel was a nice experience. And “Personal Jesus” was played in a different version and with great confidence.
I expected Stadium Rock to have a less good audio output, but DM really knew what they were doing. “Peace” and “Stripped” didn’t work and Gahans voice isn’t what it once was. Furthermore the theme “Tour of the Universe” was a stupid idea from the beginning.
Nevertheless it was nice to hear songs I have loved for so many years. (Thanks and love to Tobias for sharing)

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