Decorate Decorate unreleased

Sunday, 27 September, 2009

decoratedecorate_normandie I found some old demo recordings and wanted to share two tracks that I believe should have made it for the first record.

The first is an early demo of “11th“. It was originally released as a LIVE version on “Normandie”. I was sitting in a roof apartment with view over Sortedam Dosseringen and it was probably the first song I heard by Decorate Decorate. I was surprised that is was both original and at the same time somehow domestic or recognizable.

Eternity” was never released. Although the ending of the song actually made it as an extension to the track “Europe has no heart” on their second album “Instructions”. This is how Decorate Decorate sounded in the Scandinavian winter of 2006 / 2007. Now the story has ended – and new ones may begin †

Decorate Decorate – 11th.mp3
Decorate Decorate – Eternity.mp3