Best albums first half of 2009

Sunday, 5 July, 2009

DM-Stith-Heavy-Ghostsanimal-hospital-memoryThis is my top 10 list of albums released in 2009 (listed alphabetically).

Animal Collective ‘Merriweather Post Pavillion’, Domino. Finally they made me understand why there is so much hype around them.
Animal Hospital ‘Memory’, Barge Recordings. Varied and layered soundscape par excellence.
Dan Deacon ‘Bromst’, Carpark Records. Unstoppable dance punk electronica.
Decorate Decorate ‘Instructions’, A:larm Music. Yes, they skipped the dots. Read my review here.
Julie Doiron ‘I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day’, Jagjaguwar. A female singersongwriter shows her personality.
Mountains ‘Choral’, Thrill Jockey. Warm, rich, detailed drone.
The Horrors ‘Primary Colours’, XL recordings. Absolutely stunning mix of Joy Division and Neu!
Tim Hecker ‘An Imaginary Country’, Kranky. Dense drone and overwhelmingly captivating.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs ‘Zero’, Interscope. Sexy and rocking with attitude and popular melodies.
Zu ‘Carboniferous’, Ipecac. Read .chrz review here.

I also want to promote a list of the five best albums I bought this year, but was released last year or earlier.

b.fleischmann, ‘Angst is not a weltanschauung!’. Morr Music. Read my short review here.
DM Stith ‘Heavy Ghost’. Asthmatic kitty records. Probably the record I’ve listened to the most. For fans of Radioheads new material.
Kazuki Tomokawa ‘ Blue water, red water’, P.S.F Records. Read my comment on Tomokawa here.
Mugison ‘Lonely Mountain’, Accidental records. Islandic singersong writer. Really nice, calm and lonely.
Paavoharju ‘Yhä Hämärää’, Fonal records. Folk-electronica from Finland. Mysterious and wise.

I have earlier mentioned the agreement between Chrz and I giving each other a recording every quarter. In Q1 2009 I got Reigns “A house on the causeway” and now I’m finding reason and time to write a short note about it.

The cover has nine pictures of a foggy landscape. All pictures are looking the same and not looking the same. And this is how I feel about this record. It reminds me of something. Maybe Tarwater as the slow-mo melodies and the recording sound like something from the bedroom. Apart from the parallel to Morr Music there are less clicks and it’s less withdrawn.
To some extent this is a sad record, but as the sadness ends where the story begins and I keep listen to the record as I get familiar with the fog. And as I get familiar with the fog, I see and explore the differences as I listen more careful to the music.

In the beginning of this year I bought B. Fleishmann “Angst is not a Weltanschauung”. The record is from Morr Music and in some way this marks the record inevitable. I bought the record after a review at Cokemashineglow.
Opposite to Reigns the lyrics from B. Fleischmann are mostly personal. It gives the album strength and intimacy.
My favourite track is with vocals (and written) by Daniel Johnston. Johnston is a broken like when a car is broken – but it can get damn (beautiful) sincere in all the misery (look at “Don’t Play cards with Satan”). “Phones, machines and king kong” is actually a simple track with simple (bedroom made) melodies and an unusual heartfelt vocal. It left me speechless wanting to tell the world about it.