Best music videos 2009

Sunday, 3 January, 2010

Music videos can showcase the artist, serve different purposes or just be small cinematic poems. Music videos has a serious expression since birth of MTV, and although we in some countries have limited access to the videos on Youtube and others, the genre is widely appreciated and Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham and Shynola shall have lots of credit for their work in the past and present.

When I look back at the year 2009, I think there have been several videos that have promoted the artist or song in a highly entertaining way. I like the genre for being something in itself – the videos aren’t always just an add-on.

My top 5 is:

1. Röyksopp – This must be it [open in new window]
It’s difficult to describe how they use the normal music video storyboard and create

2. Ramona Falls – I say fever [open in new window]
Very aesthetic, very pleasing to the eye. It’s a short, but strong movie and I think the music fits beautifully.

3. Coldplay – Strawberry Swing [open in new window]
Impressiv work by Shynola. And do also check out “Life in Technicolour

4. Rymdreglade – 8-bit trip[open in new window]
Very amazing and crazy lots of work behind. Absolutely perfect match between music genre and video style.

5. PomplamooseMusic – Beat it [open in new window]
The development within technology makes it easier to produce your own fancy video. There has been a couple of fun DIY videos. Fx by Kutiman doing a mashup of sounds on youtube and SOUR using the video in a simple but very creative way on ‘Hibi no neiro’.
But Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte behind Pomplamoose Music are very loveable and ‘Beat it’ is a great cover version.