the girls can hear usI can’t help it, but The Girls Can Hear Us are really catchy. The rap and electronic blend from Onitario, Canada, are making danceable, cool and smashing tracks. Only 39.000 visits at their MySpace profile up to date, but I guess (and hope) the buzz will blow the numbers within short time. Record labels should watch out for this unsigned act.

A few words on the music. The Girls Can Hear Us are not the holy new shit. But they stand on the shoulders of giants and improve what you like already. Daft Punk, Justice with somekindof light hip hop. Nice tweaks, smashing tunes, trivial lyrics and maybe way to pop-ish for my taste normally. Meh! It’s Friday night and I’m feeling good.

I first read about them at Mashable, a site that normally provides me news on Social media. You can also listen to a couple of remixes at Hypem.