‘A child is a rose is a name is a punch in the face’

Does this remind you of the author Gertrude Stein? Well this might be because this very author (along with Morten Nielsen, Michael Houellebecq and others) seems to be a source of inspiration for leadsinger Auring Grimm. He explores the lyrics to let the vocals be more than just an instrument of the band. In the text we find a lot of ‘letters’, ‘stamps’ and ‘words’. The themes are deprivation and love, but there are also themes such as dreaming and letting go (“Away”). I hear the Nordic desolation and melancholy through the album.

In “Brothel” the music is dragging you down, while you listen to the words ‘Look at the water’. I believe the way they drag the listener down to the water is intentional, and I think they succeed in their efforts often. Favourite tracks are “2000 Needles”, “Brothel” and “Away”. It may also be the catchy “Paper cuts”.

On the other hand “Montmartre” seems more blurred than raw, and “Different strengths of white” has many unnecessary effects and seems a bit too polished. It could be a matter of taste?

‘We are unknown addresses / and our hands / are full of letters’

Decorate Decorate have matured. Their mini-album ‘Normandie’ had indirect references to the darkness of Joy Division. Today the band plays more than dark rock. The vocals are British and the music has beautiful references to British shoegazer. Furthermore I must point out that the music and lyrics are more complex. It seems as if the members have opened up as a band. The feelings, presence and intensity are multiple and more various than before. The album is still growing on me.

Bonus: the new ending of “Europe has no heart” is actually a part from an early demo called “Eternity”.

depeche mode - songs of faith and devotionsash adelante

Returning to Copenhagen after a year of failure in Aarhus also meant a beginning of new musical discovery. In Aarhus I was introduced to The Cure and Depeche Mode. While I couldn’t cope with the voice of Robert Smith, Martin Gore and Dave Gahan were straight forward. Musically I had got closer to the Goth and industrial scene, but personally I had just grown older and had some unexpected life experienced.
In Copenhagen I met new friends. Jonas and Mikkel. And after moving in at Mikkels apartment in Holtegade the 80ies were introduced properly.
Kim Schumacher had in the late 80ies introduced me to popular music like Belinda Carlisle, Rick Astley and Grandmaster Flash on his radio show. It’s not because I remember it very well, but I found a mix tape. Ha!
But in these years The Cure, Cocteau Twins, The Smiths, Joy Division and Danish artist Martin Hall also became a part of my repertoire. Well. Actually The Cure and Martin Hall only. And some of the hits of the other mentioned artists. I also searched the catalogue of Depeche Mode, but never did I see them live. How could I share my intimate devotion with +20.000 other people at one time singing “In your Room”?

We (Mikkel and Casper) went a lot to the second hand shop Accord and within those years I bought 14 different CDS by Sash! Yeah. German Eurodance. And Antiloop. Swedish Eurodance. Hurrah. I’ll never forget my first mix tapes back in the 90ies.
I did also listened to the German Goth act Lacrimosa, rediscovered Bush and I began to understand music as impression and expression. Not only to act within this scope, but also formulating my interpretation. My view was broadened – and narrowed.