the knife silent shoutbeirut gulag orkestar

I think I learned about at, but I’m not really sure. I did immediately sign up and began to use it. I liked the idea of counting how much I’ve listened to one or another song. Also when this included Britney, Mariah Carey or what ever. .chrz and Lasse were hooked too. Asbjørn did never get to use it fully. At the “Night before New Years Eve” there were made a small change. DJ Caine cancelled and newbie Jesper had been invited.

My choice of a top five this year was

The Knife – Mothers health (Rabid Records)
Beirut – Postcards from Italy (Badabing records)
Infadels – Jagger 67 (Wall of Sound)
Oh no ono – Am I Right (Morningside Records)
Matmos – Rag for William S. Borroughs (Matador)

I don’t think this was the best year regarding releases. But I missed both Horse Feathers and Tim Heckers albums, which both had tracks that definitely would have made it to the top five. But this is also a premise.

This year the joker was to play a song from the album with best cover artwork. I chose Peeping Tom. It was a disappointing album, but the interactive cover art is fun!