I stumbled upon stereomood.com a couple of days ago. It’s an online radio that has playlists made to fit emotions or a specific activity. For example “road trip”, “It’s raining” or “happy”. The music is primarily indie, rock and electronic and songs are from newer or newest releases.

I somehow miss the ability to interact with the existing playlists. But the service can be fun anyways. I have created an account, collected songs to my own library and put up tags on existing tracks. I can also make my own playlist and share it with friends. But they can only see these, if they are logged in. The Stereomood playlists can be heard without login.

As long as it’s possible to play the music in the country, where I live, it’s better than some other services around. But I do find songs that are no longer online and therefore not able to play from the site. That’s rather annoying and could leave my two first playlists rather empty within weeks or months depended on whether the source has taken the songs down for one or another reason.

My two playlists so far:
“Working hours” and “Collection of covers”.

But I can also recommend Stereomoods “Berlin Calling”.