the beach boyselvis presley

Born in the year 1978 where legendary bands like Van Halen, Dire Straits, The Police, Prince, Mike Oldfield, Kate Bush, Toto, The Cars, The Buzzcocks and many more released their debut album. None of these have ever really got my attention.

Although my father is a pop musician well-know within the borders of Denmark, I was never raised with modern music. Even though I found out he made his living as a drummer in a band playing rock n roll, there was no rock, no gossip, no drugs; music just don’t play the same role to my parents as it does to me.

My father introduced me to jazz music and I learned to play the trumpet at the age of ten, because I wanted to look like Louis Armstrong. Did I mention I was ten? I remember Sunday mornings with radio programs named “Hot and Sweet” and “Hotel Evergreen” with Mogens Landsvig as the host of the show(s?).
Music played a role in our family as it was the professional career of my father. But he always told us kids that life as a musician was tuff and not something to wish for. The business was bad and a lot of people not reliable. I don’t know if that was why he never gave me any records to be inspired by or introduced me to any great artists. Maybe it was because I never asked.
This relation followed me the many years to come. To seek and find by myself. It could have been so much easier, if there had been one or more soul mates to share the musical experience at an earlier age. But it was to come.
So I started to listen to Elvis and The Beach Boys. Had to start somewhere; music was compelling.

Note: I guess the title of this entry says more in Danish than English?…